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Professional meeting room installation for leading health research organisation

29 Sep 2022

CatonLloyd's professional meeting room installation for this leading research and health organisation delivers seamless communications for the business's global teams.

Professional meeting room video conferencing installation for leading health research organisation

Professional meeting room video conferencing installation for leading health research organisation

CatonLloyd's specialist meeting room and video conferencing team has completed this bespoke meeting room audio visual system installation as part of a major upgrade for a leading global health and research organisation, working together with our integration partner.

One of multiple rooms included in this suite of meeting room installations, our brief included Microsoft Teams integration, upgraded screens, touch pad controls, corporate-grade microphone and high definition camera for crystal-clear clarity.

Robust and future proofed, our meeting room installation for this organisation will withstand frequent use, connecting the client's teams globally across a single platform for user-friendly communications.

Connecting the healthcare sector with leading audio visual meeting room systems

CatonLloyd benefits from years of experience in working with corporate healthcare and pharmaceuticals organisations, completing hundreds of rooms worldwide for some of the biggest names in the sector.

This client provides information and analytics for researchers, analysts and healthcare professionals, supporting their outcomes as they continue to innovate health services for the benefit of the whole population.

The client's services, including research and development, publication and peer review of papers and open access to quality research, are delivered internationally by over 50 branch and corporate offices, creating significant demand for stable, reliable and easy-to-use communications that can be utilised by people company-wide.

Leading Meeting Room Technology Installed in Warrington

Leading meeting room & video conferencing technology installed, tested & commissioned by CatonLloyd Audio Visual

Dual Screen Meeting Room Installation, Warrington

Dual screens allow for continual camera use whilst reviewing documents & presentations simultaneously

User Friendly touch controls installed on meeting room table

User-friendly touch controls on the meeting room table make for fast, simple connections with colleagues worldwide

Corporate grade microphones for meeting room, Warrington

Corporate-grade microphones produce clear, uninterrupted audio throughout a meeting

Installation by CatonLloyd's leading audio visual technical team

CatonLloyd's technical team is one of the best in the business. Benefiting from leading qualifications and a specialist team with years' of audio visual, meeting room, video conferencing and digital signage experience, CatonLloyd has created connections for thousands of people using technologies at the forefront of the sector, together with unique levels of networking, rack build and project management expertise.

For this project, our team worked on site in Dublin, completing both this room and the full upgrade programme on time. Once installed, teams ensure cabling is neatly managed before undertaking full testing and delivering user training that gets valuable technology investments into use straight away.

Why an audio visual meeting room upgrade by CatonLloyd?

The way the world works has changed rapidly, particularly over the last few years. Video conferencing is now the norm, creating instant connections and communications channels between colleagues that help businesses to thrive.

By upgrading to the latest technologies and investing in your meeting room facilities, how could your business benefit?

  • Progress projects internationally, creating a truly global organisation that's driven towards the same goals
  • Corporate, team and 1-2-1 training to develop skills wherever teams may be based
  • Connect colleagues who may choose to work remotely, creating a more flexible organisation
  • Deliver presentations to clients, stakeholders or colleagues seamlessly whilst maintaining face-to-face contact through camera
  • Make progress faster, without the need to travel
  • Make vast savings on expenses, time and carbon footprint by reducing travel and encouraging digital communication
  • Future-proof your business, allowing for remote working and business continuation no matter what's around the corner

Connect your people with audio visual & video conferencing by CatonLloyd

CatonLloyd is a niche audio visual and video conferencing installation specialist working with organisations throughout the UK and internationally. Since 2007, our team's unique range of skills has been relied upon by some of the world’s leading names, including global pharmaceutical brands, international businesses, schools and leisure sector organisations.

Innovative audio visual design, installation and professional commissioning wherever you are in the world is supported by our excellent knowledge and commitment to service excellence. CatonLloyd helps your business, school or organisation to strengthen its communications and skills, creating better business performance by connecting your people.

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