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Audio Visual Solutions for Education

Professional audio visual systems to inspire learning and connect your school, college or university.

CatonLloyd believes in the power of technology to inspire learning and bring a fresh approach to education.

Technology is an exciting investment for any school, college or other institution. It generates interest from students, draws attention and develops new skills that help whole school communities work more efficiently.

With extensive education sector experience, we understand that budgets must be used efficiently and deliver excellent outcomes. CatonLloyd’s innovative and creative solutions are tailored, affordable and bring something different to your teaching spaces.

CatonLloyd designs solutions for clients including:

  • Primary & Free Schools
  • Multi-Academy Trusts
  • Further & Higher Education
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CatonLloyd’s professional AV and interactive solutions for education

With a range of technologies at our fingertips, and years’ of experience in supporting the education sector, CatonLloyd delivers expert audio visual and interactive learning systems into schools, Trusts and colleges in the North West.

Whether you’re looking for new learning technologies, audio visual presentation systems or a complete IT and networking solution, you’ll be supported by our helpful engineers who will work with you to define your budget and to recommend solutions that work for you. Installation during holiday time will minimise disruption.

From school classrooms to lecture theatres, meeting and tutorial spaces, CatonLloyd has a solution that will connect and inspire your institution for an investment that’s excellent value.


We understand that you’re looking for great value. CatonLloyd will deliver a solution tailored to your needs and that suits your budget.

Professional Advice

CatonLloyd enjoys vast audio visual experience, and our friendly team will help you to find the system that’s right for you.

Maintenance & Aftercare

CatonLloyd’s local team will maintain your system regularly, keeping it up-to-date and maximising your investment.

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Connect your school, college or university with CatonLloyd

See the benefits of CatonLloyds education services with a video call with one of our trusted engineers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CatonLloyd’s team is based in Greater Manchester in the North West. We design, supply, install and commission systems for education clients including primary schools, Multi-Academy Trusts and Free Schools locally and nationally.
We start with consultation, discussing your institution, what you’re looking to achieve and how you want your system to be used. For example, the nature of the rooms your systems will be installed in, whether your students will interact with the systems or whether they’ll be used for connecting with other schools or campuses.

If necessary, our design engineer will create a bespoke solution according to your budget and containing full specifications and costings. CatonLloyd will fully project-manage your supply, installation and commissioning, led by our technical team and supported afterwards to ensure your system works perfectly for you.
CatonLloyd works with a wide range of clients, each with different budgets and needs. We know that the education sector faces strict budget controls and we ensure that we deliver competitively priced, reliable and robust technologies to suit both need and budget. With professional system design, project management that minimises disruption during learning time and quality equipment from preferred suppliers, CatonLloyd is confident that we offer an outstanding education sector service.
Just give us a call or contact us through the website! You’ll speak directly with one of our engineers who’ll be able to advise as to next steps.

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