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Domestic Audio Visual Solutions

Professional-grade audio visual and entertainment systems to bring your family together.

CatonLloyd brings beautiful technology into your home, creating premium systems that bring entertainment and audio visual to life.

Our team’s early experience in domestic audio visual helped to establish CatonLloyd as a universal communications specialist, and we have a great understanding of our domestic clients’ requirements.

With exceptional technical knowledge, outstanding customer relationships and installation management that respects your home and your family, our stunning audio visual and entertainment solutions are built to last.

CatonLloyd designs solutions including:

  • Home Cinema
  • Multi-Room Audio
  • Multi-Room Video
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CatonLloyd’s professional AV and entertainment solutions for your home

Your home is your place to escape, and we understand that our homeowner clients are looking for something special, unique and designed exactly to their needs.

CatonLloyd’s corporate-grade systems, backed by skilled technical knowledge of the latest products on the market and exceptional reliability, deliver slick and functional solutions. Fully designed, managed, installed and commissioned by our in-house team, our engineers will help you to define how you want to get the most out of your home.

With maintenance and aftercare that keeps your systems up-to-date from a local and professional team you’ll trust, CatonLloyd’s domestic audio visual and entertainment services bring life to your living spaces.

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Home Cinema

Spectacular home cinema installations, including visual and sound systems that put you right into the action.

Touchpad controls

From a single, easy-to-use touchpad, take control of your entertainment, music, lighting and other functions.

Multi-Room AV

Access full entertainment systems anywhere in your home with totally tailored multi-room AV distribution.

Reliable AV by CatonLloyd’s
domestic installation specialists

CatonLloyd’s audio visual and entertainment system installations are delivered with personal care, great attention to detail and exceptional technical knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CatonLloyd’s team is based in Greater Manchester in the North West. We design, supply, install and commission systems for private homeowner clients locally and nationally.
We start with consultation, discussing your home and your family’s needs, what you’re looking for and how you want your system to be used. For example, the nature of the rooms your systems will be installed in, who uses them and how you need to access functions such as home cinema and multi-room AV.

Our design engineer will create a bespoke solution according to your budget and containing full specifications and costings. CatonLloyd will fully project-manage your supply, installation and commissioning, led by our technical team and supported afterwards to ensure your system works perfectly for you.
CatonLloyd works with a wide range of clients, each with different budgets and needs, and we ensure that we deliver competitively priced, reliable and robust technologies. With professional system design, project management that minimises disruption to your home and quality equipment from preferred suppliers, CatonLloyd knows that you’ll love your finished product.
Just give us a call or contact us through the website! You’ll speak directly with one of our engineers who’ll be able to advise as to next steps.

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